Breeze and Wilson

Generous and enjoyable gig at Church Eaton. Excellent music and singing, but why the depressing range of songs? The superb banjo song showed you have a lighter side.
Happy New Year, (I think!)

Breeze and Wilson responded on 01/06/2013

Hi John. Thanks for the feedback...especially pleased that you liked the banjo song!
Now then....the oft asked question about our choice of songs...deserves a detailed answer....
There is no denying that we do like our sad songs. We are drawn to them and find that we enjoy playing them a lot. Graham and I gave up playing solely for money a long time ago and, with that, came the liberty of not having to play the standard repertoire that a 'pub audience' expects to hear.....which is one of the reasons that we don't play shows in pubs. Sounds selfish I know....but we play to satisfy our souls as much as anything. If that means that we lose a chunk of our audience because they think that we're too depressing then that's just too bad. Banjo song, Nadine, Framed, When it comes my turn, Simple joy, Papa loved Mama, Jackie D, Fellini, Roll the dice. All upbeat in the major key. We joke about the bitter and twisted songs...but there's actually quite a lot of happy stuff in there! Thanks again!

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