Breeze and Wilson

Where do you come from?

I volunteer for the farming charity RABI in Hampshire - we have spoken about an event in a barn -e.g. food + music perhaps dancing- would you be intersted to be involved?

Breeze and Wilson responded on 07/30/2012

Thanks for getting in touch. We're based in Staffordshire but that doesn't necessarily mean that we won't travel down to Hampshire to do a fundraising concert. I have been looking at the RABI website this evening after someone told me about it considering whether I could donate some money made from digital sales (if we get any!) to them. I'm really not sure if anyone would want to dance to our music....some of it his really quite depressing! Could I ask you to take a look at the Free Concerts FAQ page on our website and then, if you think that it's something that you'd like to do then get in touch and we'll work out the arrangements. Thanks again for the suggestion. Toby

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