Breeze and Wilson

Wow Breeze and Wilson - I just was blown away by your talent. Why have you decided to do Charity only events.....

You could easily be in the "big boys" league of folk...

Breeze and Wilson responded on 05/20/2012

Hi Ann. Thanks for your kind comments. We do other events as well as the charity fundraisers. We had an epiphany a few years ago where we both suddenly realised that money wasn't the driving factor and that we'd rather play for nothing to a listening audience than play for cash in a noisy pub/folk that's how it started. If we go back and do a second concert for an organisation (as we frequently do!) then we ask for a 50/50 split...which is still a good deal. Thanks again for joining the list and for getting in touch. Hope to see you again soon!

Toby (and Graham)

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