Breeze and Wilson

Any plans to return to Summerside this year? Sure would be nice if you could.


Breeze and Wilson responded on 03/22/2012

Hi GC - thanks for the question (and enthusiasm!). We'd love to come back to Summerside this year but sadly, we're not able to. This is mainly due to other work and family commitments plus the fact that we have a UK tour planned in September with some friends (Misner & Smith) from the USA. I still have a day job (a necessity with 4 kids!) so can't afford any more time off. BUT the good news is that we have plans for 2014! We're planning a tour of just house concerts across the Maritimes. We have had lots of interest from folks wanting us to perform in their homes and we really love the intimacy of theses concerts and getting to know people. We've already had offers on PEI so I'd say we'll almost certainly be coming back next year. In the meantime we're hoping to set up some more web concerts. Maybe you could tune in!

Thanks again for your support!

Best wishes,


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