Breeze and Wilson

Have just put together a band and am more interested in playing music than making money; however, would like to cover expenses. When doing fund raisers does the band get a percentage?

Breeze and Wilson responded on 01/30/2011

Hi - thanks for the interesting question. Well, in the UK, we offer the first concert that we do for a particular venue as a free gig (we just charge for our travelling costs). If they decide that they'd like us to go back and do a 2nd or 3rd concert (and most of them do!) then we ask for 50% of the gross door takings. We have found that this is still a very good deal for the concert organisers who are more than happy with this arrangement. Please see the 'FAQ' section on our website and our 'organisers feedback' section too. It works slightly differently in Canada because of the size of the venues and the increased cost of the tour arrangements. Let us know how you get on. Hope that this helps.

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