Breeze and Wilson

Hi guys,
We're having a small fundraiser music event in Calton this Saturday and if it doesn't rain it will be in a field which is shaped like an ampitheatre.
The Barber sisters are going to play their violins for 1 hour and we have a local act for 15 minutes at the start. We are looking for 45 minutes at about 3-15 in the afternoon. If it rains we are relocating to the church in Calton as this is a fundraiser for our church and for Chernobyl children's lifeline.
Best wishes, Helen

Breeze and Wilson responded on 08/23/2016

Hi Helen - I'm really sorry but we won't be able to assist you with this due to prior commitments :-( hope that it stays dry and that you have a good event.
Best wishes.
Toby (& Graham)

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