Breeze and Wilson

Hi, you ok? Is there any chance you can give a concert in May in Stone Staffs? I belong to a small charity called STING. We used to belong to MS-UK (mmultiple sclerosis) but for some reason known only to them they have cut us loose. We are now trying to go on on our own and have expanded from people with MS to all people with neurological problems. We have our own building in Stone but need to fund it. I have been to a concert of yous and really enjoyed it and I know you do concerts in aid of charity. If you can perform I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.
Hilary Oram

Breeze and Wilson responded on 04/27/2014

Hi Hilary. Thanks for the message. We could possibly manage a date in late May if you think that that gives you enough time to organise and promote a concert. What day of the week would suit you best? Email me if you like at and I'll check out some dates for you. Thanks for getting in touch. Toby.

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