Breeze and Wilson

Are you going to try and gey the sos dairy song into the charts? Its really would bring the plight of british dairy farmers into the public eye

Breeze and Wilson responded on 05/23/2013

Thanks for the question Georgina. I think that the 'moment' for the SOS Dairy song has passed (for the time being). We certainly did our best to raise the profile of the song (and the plight of the dairy farmers) and managed to get some BBC airplay....but nothing national or big enough to get it going properly. Lots of people said that I should have got it onto iTunes earlier and that might have helped it to 'chart' but, to be was just done as a bit of fun to help out my brother in the first instance. I never realised at the time how much it would go on to help the campaign. I felt so proud to have been invited to the Farmers Weekly Awards because of the song, but the moment that touched me the most was when the song was played at Andrew Hemming's funeral. Thanks again for the question and for your support. Toby.

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